May 12 2021 | 6pm

Opening Long Night of Choirs

The festival opening will take place this year in the Stefaniensaal via live stream. Performances by selected local choirs guarantee a special concert experience. In addition, our Artists in Residence, the renowned vocal ensemble Rajaton from Finland, can be heard and seen via video recording. The event can be followed worldwide.

  • Free Live Stream via Youtube

  • Donations requested


Performing Choirs

Performing live

  • Styrian Voices (Leitung: Patrik Thurner)
  • Quarinthia (Leitung: Uschi Sedminek)
  • Stainztal-Combo des Singkreis Stainztal (Leitung: Franz Ganster)
  • Vocalensemble des BG/BRG Knittelfeld (Leitung: Ingrid Kaltenegger)
  • Vokalensemble der Singschul´ der Oper Graz (Leitung: Andrea Fournier)
Video Inserts from
  • Cantanima – Landesjugendchor Steiermark (Leitung: Sebastian Meixner)
  • MGV Hitzendorf (Leitung: Saha Esbati)
  • Rajaton (Artists in Residence)