May 13 2021 | 18:00

Virtual Concert “Music Heals Our Souls”

At the virtual choir concert “MUSIC HEALS OUR SOULS” we will present outstanding videos of concerts and virtual choir productions, all of which were made during the pandemic, in a one-hour YouTube concert.

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Teilnehmende Chöre / Ensembles

  • Cantanima, Sebastian Meixner (AT)

  • Kearsney College (ZA) Marshell Lombard & Bernard Krüger (ZA)

  • New Chamber Choir Berlin, Adrian Emans (DE)

  • NIVE New Israel Vocal Ensemble, Yuval Ben Ozer (IL)

  • St. Giles’ Festival Choir, Julie Stanley (GB)

  • Skowronki Girl’s Choir, Alicja Szeluga (PL)

  • The Little Singer of Armenia, Tigran Hekekyan (AM)

  • The Happy Disharmonists, Carsten Gerlitz (DE)

  • VOCES8 (GB)