Lange Nacht 2022

Wednesday, 25. May 2022

  • Opening: 18:00 | Landhaushof, Graz

  • Concerts: 19:00 – 21:00 | various places in the city

  • Final concert with VOCES8: 21:30 | Landhaushof, Graz

Long Night of Choirs

The “Long Night of Choirs” immerses the whole of Graz in a vocal tapestry of sound. At various locations in the old town, local and international choirs and ensembles will perform excerpts of their wonderful programs. A night entirely dedicated to choral music: on Wednesday, 25.05.2022, after two years, you can finally experience live concerts on site again!

Opening and closing in the Landhaushof

The “Long Night of Choirs” starts at 6 pm in the Landhaushof, with a musical introduction by the Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen, the KGBL Ljubljana and other choirs. Get the program booklet with all concerts of the Long Night and plunge into the concert round. From 19:00 – 21:00 you can experience different choirs with their short concerts (approx. 25 min. each) at 10 different venues.

At the finale at 21:30 we invite you again to the Landhaushof, where you can experience the famous ensemble VOCES8 – the artists in residence of Voices of Spirit – live.

You will find the exact program soon here.


  • Prunkraum Museum für Geschichte
  • Gemeinderatssaal
  • Senatssaal
  • Landhaushof (Ausweichmöglichkeit: Stadtpfarrkirche)
  • Rittersaal im Landhaus
  • Stiegenkirche
  • Mausoleum
  • Barocksaal Priesterseminar
  • Palais Attems Hof (Ausweichmöglichkeit: Saal im Palais)
  • Dreifaltigkeitskirche